"The Accredited Speaker Program recognizes those Toastmasters members who have achieved a level of proficiency that enables them to be paid, professional speakers. Being an Accredited Speaker gives you a competitive edge and sets you apart from other professional speakers. That’s because your talent and ability have been recognized by Toastmasters International, a world leader in communication and leadership development.

Unlike other professional certifications, you can’t simply complete a list of tasks to become a Toastmasters Accredited Speaker; instead, you must demonstrate your speaking abilities before a live audience. Program candidates progress through two levels of evaluation and are judged by a panel of professional speakers. It is a rigorous, yet worthwhile process. Since the program’s inception in 1981, less than 20 percent of all applicants have become members of this exclusive group." Excerpt from the official Toastmasters rules, 2013.

On behalf of my fellow Accredited Speaker colleagues, I invite you to check out this amazing program and those who have earned this prestigious professional level designation. Watch this space as we will be redesigning it to include many of our fellow Accredited Speaker colleagues.

Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey, Accredited Speaker

Bookmark this site... I snagged this domain back in 2005to ensure it did not get lost. Have used it to promote the program and my own efforts as a speaker. We (team of AS) have been working on ideas to allow us to work closer with TI for a number of years. Moving this site to a new expanded one that incorporates my fellow AS is a part of the strategic plan.

WATCH THIS SPACE: We will be redesigning this Accredited Speaker website in the near future. It will include a complete listing of all those who have earned this prestigious professional level designation. It will also have a listing of those Accredited Speakers who are available for advice on the program; are willing to come to speak at Toastmaster events and conventions; and those of us who are working as professional speakers. Watch this space.

3 reasons why 'YOU' should engage an
ACCREDITED SPEAKER for your next event

Bob believes in the leverage power of coaching. Toastmasters International World Champion’s of Public Speaking David Brooks and Mark Brown were two of his coaches in his quest to become an Accredited Speaker. Engage motivational leadership, business, sales and association keynote conference speaker, Bob ‘Idea Man’ Hooey. Bob is an inspirational business author, leadership coach and trainer who has earned international recognition for his professionalism in public speaking.

World Champions David Brooks (1990) and Mark Brown (1995) celebrate Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey being honored as the 48th person in the world to earn the Toastmasters International coveted professional level Accredited Speaker designation in Palm Desert, CA (1998)

Proven Performance

Demonstrated Expertise

Passion Personified

What is the Accredited Speaker Designation?

Toastmasters International initiated this special program in 1981 to recognize those Toastmasters' members who have attained a professional level of excellence in public speaking skills.

2013 excerpt from the Toastmasters website: "Accredited Speaker Program

Put Your Professional Speaking Skills to the Test — Show the World that You're an Accredited Speaker

The Toastmasters International Accredited Speaker Program has undergone some exciting changes. This elite program is for a special breed of Toastmasters who possess expert knowledge in a particular subject, combined with mastery of the spoken word. They’re able to convey their unique message in engaging, informative speeches to audiences both large and small. Because their skills and expertise make them in-demand speakers and valued subject matter resources to organizations and companies, they’re regularly hired and paid to speak professionally. This income represents all or a significant part of their annual earnings.

Does this sound like you? If you’ve got what it takes, you’re invited to apply for the Accredited Speaker Program. Benefits of being selected as a Toastmasters Accredited Speaker include:

Status — stand out from your competition with your accreditation by Toastmasters International

Publicity — receive world-wide publicity through Toastmasters channels, including the website, press releases, and potential spokesperson opportunities

Support — receive a professional reference from Toastmasters International, a world authority in the fields of communication and leadership

Visibility — watch your professional bookings grow after potential clients view your photo and biography on the official Toastmasters Accredited Speaker website

Award and Discounts — receive an exclusive symbol of your elite status in the form of the Accredited Speaker pin, an Accredited Speaker badge and a letter of commendation from the Executive Director of Toastmasters International.

Click on the links below to learn more about program rules and the application process." (These links go directly to the Toastmasters International website.)
Next Steps
Recommendation Form

WATCH THIS SPACE: We will be redesigning this Accredited Speaker website in the near future. It will include a complete listing of all those who have earned this prestigious designation. It will also have a listing of those Accredited Speakers who are available for advice on the program; are willing to come to speak at Toastmaster events and conventions; and those of us who are working as professional speakers. Watch this space.

To date (2013), 32 years later, only 63 people across the world have earned this coveted professional level designation.

In August, 1998, Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey, DTM, PDG walked across a stage to the cheers of 2000 plus fellow Toastmasters to receive his A/S designation in Palm Dessert, CA; becoming the 48th Accredited Speaker in Toastmasters' history, and the 5th Canadian to earn this coveted professional level designation.

To date, only 7 of them are Canadians.

Bob is a past District Governor (British Columbia 1997-1998) who served with distinction and has been inducted into the Toastmasters' Hall of Fame on numerous occasions for his leadership as well as his speaking. He is a Toastmasters International Brand Ambassador.

'Without doubt, I have gained immeasurable self assurance. Bob, your patience and your encouragement have been much appreciated. I strongly recommend your course to anyone looking for self-improvement and professional development."

Jeannie Mura, Human Resources, Chevron Canada

Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey is a charismatic, confident leader, trainer, facilitator, MC, author and motivational keynote speaker on creativity, business innovation, sales and enhancing team performance. He has coached leaders from Canada's 50 Best Managed Companies to help them profitably move to the next level. Visit LeadersEdge! for more information on his coaching.

Using personal stories drawn from rich experience, he challenges his audiences to engage his Ideas At Work! - to act on what they hear, with clear, innovative building blocks and results-proven success techniques to increase their personal and professional effectiveness. Visit www.ideaman.net for more information on Bob's programs and services.

Bob is a veteran, professional member and former National Director of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers. In December 2000, he has given a special CAPS National, Presidential award for 'his energetic contribution to the advancement of CAPS & his living example of the power of one.' He was named the 2011 Spirit of CAPS recipient at the annual Canadian Association of Professional Speakers convention.

Click here For information on Bob's executive speech coaching services.

Bob's conversational, humorous, professional and sometimes provocative style continues to inspire and challenge his audiences across North America, and his readers around the world.

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He is the prolific author of 10 books including two on speaking and two on leadership, a mini-book series, a new e-book series, and is a frequent columnist and contributor to North American consumer, association, corporate, intra-net, on-line and trade publications.

Bob spoke to 3200 students (grades 3-7) earlier this year at a Rise Up against bullying rally.

Bob spoke recently in Toronto at Motivational Monday's - view his performance here.

Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey, Accredited Speaker (AS)
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