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Canadian Idea Man Bob Hooey is a motivational, inspirational, creative business and association conference keynote speaker and corporate leadership success trainer, coach and author.

Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey
Creative Leadership Catalyst & Idea Farmer

  • Bob brings a fresh prairie perspective to the platform!
  • Bob helps equip and motivate your leaders and your team to succeed.
  • Bob brings a healthy dose of the Alberta entrepreneurial spirit to everything he does!

"We greatly appreciate the energy and effort you put into researching and adapting your keynote to make it more meaningful to our member councils. Early feedback from our delegates indicates that this year's convention was one of our most successful events yet, and we thank you for your contribution to this success."

Larry Goodhope, Executive Director,
Alberta Association of Municipal Districts and Counties

Bob is a proud Albertan who is pleased to represent Canada as he travels the world sharing his innovative Ideas At Work!

Bob spoke to 3200 students (grades 3-7) earlier this year at a Rise Up against bullying rally.

Bob spoke recently in Toronto at Motivational Monday's - view his performance here.

Inspirational Quotes:

Alberta is rich in resources, energy, pioneering and the entrepreneurial spirit. Alberta is also the exporter of some of the best leaders, speakers and authors across North America. Bob is proud to hale from Alberta. He was born in the shadow of the Rockies and the Calgary Stampede and now lives on the frozen prairies north east of Edmonton. His North American clients enjoy his 'fresh' northern approach to leadership, business sales, management, innovation and creativity, and enhancing team performance.

Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey is a charismatic, confident leader, educator, trainer, facilitator, MC, inspirational author and motivational speaker on creativity, sales, management, team effectiveness, strategic planning, customer service, business innovation and enhancing team performance. In addition to working with some of North America's top companies, Bob has worked with some of Canada's 50 Best Managed Companies to help their leadership profitably move to the next level. Visit for more information.

His creative Ideas At Work! have taken him to 7 countries spanning 3 continents, so far.

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Using personal stories drawn from rich experience, he challenges his audiences to engage his Ideas At Work! - to act on what they hear, with clear, innovative, building blocks and results-proven success techniques to increase their personal and professional effectiveness. Visit for more information on his innovative programs.

Bob's conversational, humorous, professional and sometimes provocative style continue to inspire and challenge his audiences across North America. Bob's background

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The Ideas At Work!  Group is dedicated to creatively helping you successfully enhance your career and profitably grow your company or association and its leaders to the next level.

Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey
#10 Creativity Corner
Egremont, AB T0A 0Z0


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