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Last year (2010) Bob did a 3 week tour (January 2010) of Australia visiting Western Australia, Queensland and New South Wales. This was Irene's first trip as we flew down to visit her daughter who is teaching in Geraldton (about 4.5 hours north of Perth, WA) and Bob's return trip to this amazing island country.

Great people, lots of fun with a great attitude. Ask an Australia for something and they are very likely to say, 'No Worries' and take care of your request. What a great way to do business and interact with your clients.

This is something Bob relates to as that is his commitment to his client in taking care of their needs, sometimes anticipating them before they need them and going the extra mile in his service. So, if we can be of service in helping you, your leaders, and your teams, please call us. 1-780-736-0009. We want to have you and your teams be able to say, No Worries, Bob too!

A few pictorial highlights from our trip.

Additional pictures will be added below as we get the opportunity to upload them.

Irene and Amanda at Perth Airport

Bob and Irene at Rainbow Jungle
outside of Kalbarri, WA

Bob and Irene enjoying sunset off India Ocean in Kalbarri

Amanda Gaudet and Michael Burges

Bob with friends Rauna and Bob May at Dukes Restaurant in Waikiki, Hawaii during our unexpected stopover

Bob enjoying the Tasman Sea off Bondi Beach in New South Wales

Bob and Irene in Monkey Mai, WA

The dolphins come in to be fed every morning at Monkey Mia, WA

Australia Day 2010 - fireworks at Darling Harbour in Sydney, NSW

Irene in Hawaii at Blow Hole

Bob taking a break just outside
Sydney's Darling Harbour area

Irene getting to know an albino Kangaroo at Caversham WildLife Park outside of Perth, Western Australia. It was great seeing most of the animals native to Australia up close and in some cases personal.

The down under adventure begins.

Our down under adventure started with a detour to Honolulu due to a medical emergency on the plane. We arrived their early in the morning and the lady who had been stabilized (had a doctor on the plane) was rushed to the hospital. We were then informed that due to work rules (time crew could be working on one flight) we would not be able to continue our flight at that moment. We were taken to a hotel in Waikiki and told we would be flying out to Sydney about midnight that same day. So, we went touring as this was Irene's first visit to Hawaii. Visit number 20 for Bob, so he wanted to ensure she got to see a few of the sites and walk along the beach.

Pictures are coming... here are a few that Irene has uploaded to Facebook for now.

Western Australia

After a brief stop in Sydney, NSW we were off via Qantus to Perth, Wa.

Had a wonderful visit with Amanda and Michael who are in Geraldton. Amanda is teaching and Micheal sells steel products. Lots of visits to nature spots... animals, birds, sea horses as both Amanda and Irene are science geeks...smile. Amanda teaches it and Irene studied it in University. Lots of beach time and visiting Kalbarri and Monkey Mia. We were boating and floating all three locations. Michael's uncle took us out on his 36 foot powerboat our first evening in Perth, boat tour up the river at Kalbarri, Floaty time when I could, and ocean sail (Indian Ocean) two of three days at Monkey Mia. Monkey Mia has pods of dolphins who come in every day to be fed. The one day we were all in the ocean when three of them swam by. I had my camera and video taped them swimming so close I could have touched them. Will put that video clip up when I get it ready.

Definitely the warmer side of Australia... mid 30's most days and two days at plus 46C. What a change from our subartic Canadian Prairies winters.

Pictures: here are a few that Irene has uploaded to Facebook for now.


As we bid goodbye to daughter Amanda and Michael, we flew back across the continent to Brisbane as well as Noosa Heads, QLD.

Brisbane is a great location and one I visited on my last trip nearly 20 years ago. Connected with a TM buddy Gavin Blakey and caught up over lunch. Took an afternoon ride (whole afternoon) on the City Cats which travel up and down the river that flows around and through Brisbane. Noosa Heads was primarily beach days and relaxation.

Pictures: here are a few that Irene has uploaded to Facebook for now.

New South Wales

We flew via Jet Star from Sunshine Coast airport to Sydney and a side visit to Bondi Beach, NSW.

Sydney visit was an active one. We visited the Sydney Aquarium, Maritime Museum and were at Sydney's Darling Harbour for the Australia Days 2010 celebration with fireworks that were breathtaking. I took some videos and will put up as soon as I can. We also saw Avatar at the IMAX in Sydney.

Pictures: here are a few that Irene has uploaded to Facebook for now.

And finally, after 21 sun filled days we boarded our flight back to Vancouver and return home to Edmonton to snow and cooler temps.

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