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Growing up, I dreamed of being a cowboy or a professional speaker traveling the world...

It turns out I was allergic to hay, so...

Westerns were big on TV back then... I remember watching shows like Wagon Train, Gun Smoke, the Rifleman, Rawhide, the Lone Ranger, Roy Rogers, and my favorite, Have Gun Will Travel starring Richard Boone.

It was good to have role models and heroes as a kid. Whether it was at the movies on a Saturday afternoon or sitting, mesmerized, in front of a small black and white TV, I was hooked. I wanted to be 'that' cowboy riding in to face down the bad guys, to be the one who brought hope and help to the town folk or business owners.

Amazingly, I did grow up to be the one bringing hope and help! And, my dream of speaking around the world: Have Mouth, Will Travel was a reality.

Cowboy Bob with his sister Patti............

Bob spoke to 3200 students (grades 3-7) at a Rise Up against bullying rally.

Paladin (Richard Boone) was a West Point educated gentleman with a taste for fine wines and foods. Based at the Hotel Carlton in San Francisco, he was a man (gun) for hire.

Paladin would do anything for those in serious need. He read the newspapers from across the country and sometimes sent his calling card to those he felt might use his services as gunfighter, bodyguard, or anything else that his skills could accommodate. His fee to those who could pay was $1,000. I charge a bit more for inflation... smile!

Gene Rodenberry, of Star Trek fame, polished his writing skills on this show! Guess he and George Lucas were inspired to bring 'westerns' to a new level, in the stars.

About Bob, the world explorer: Life is an adventure to be lived and experienced.

I have been privileged to see my Ideas At Work! with audiences and venues around the world. Have Mouth, Will Travel has become a living reality and I am so pleased.

I've had the pleasure of speaking to sales teams, managers, and students in Iran (2008), innovative business leaders and management teams in Australia (2016), New Zealand (2016) India (2009), Russia (2010) India, China (2017), Ireland, Scotland (2017) France, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, South Africa, etc, as well as my continuing work here in North America. In total, I have had the privilege of presenting in 21 countries, so far. Perhaps yours will be number 22?

I've seen people in countries where local audience members, who did not make much money, dug into their pockets and bought my materials. I was humbled that they saw their value and inspired to continue to push past my comfort zone in delivering my best and in creating materials that provide hope and help in these challenging times.

In addition to North America, Amsterdam (March 2010) and (June 2010) in Vladivostok, Far Eastern Russia. Australia (2013) and more recently Cape Town, SA (2015) and Paris, France (2015). What a privilege! And for 2016, Holland, Germany, Denmark, Dubai, UAE, New Zealand and Australia. 2017: Beijing, China, as well as Ireland and Scotland. 2018 will see us return to Cuba, explore the Dominican Republic, and return to Australia. Still waiting to see on Europe and the Philipinnes.

My speaking has afforded me the opportunity of visiting the countries to the right (more to come and be posted) as well as traveling most of North America sharing my ideas. To my audiences and those who engaged me, my thanks.

Perhaps, I'll have the chance to travel to your city and country in the next while. I'd certainly be willing to discuss how we can work together to make that happen. I've included a bit of information below, as well as links to my other sites, to let you know what I can bring with me.

Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey travels the globe sharing his  innovative Ideas At Work with leaders, sales teams and professionals, just like you. Check out his main website: for more information.
Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey

Going my way? I would love to come to your part of the world and share a few ideas with your teams, or at one of your meetings. Call me 1 (780) 707-0189 or email me!

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So far...
Cook Islands





Dominican Republic

Dubai, UAE

East Germany

Grand Turk
Grand Cayman
Hong Kong*

New Zealand

Northern Ireland
Puerto Rico*
St. Lucia

South Africa



St. Thomas
South Korea*
Tortolo, BVI
United States*

* multiple trips

Upcoming Trips 2018

Australia, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Germany, Philippines,
France, again

We'll add links to pics from some of our trips

Information on Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey and his programs... coming soon to a stage in a city/Country near you.

If you want your employees and/or leadership motivated and equipped to succeed - you need to call Bob now, before your competition does!

1-888-848-8407 (toll free North America) 0r call,


Motivational Keynotes: Bob's creative, challenging, inspirational, and motivational keynotes and general session programs will help lead you and your teams to new paths for increased success.

  • In the Company of Leaders! How to lead and create a culture of personal leadership success and responsibility.
  • The Power of One! Yes, YOU make a difference.
  • Building Bridges - Not Walls! Leadership, Sales, and Business Success are 'each' built on mutually productive relationships.
  • Rising above the storm! How to take personal leadership when life flips you upside down or throws you into change.

Innovative Workshops: In addition to his inspirational and motivational keynotes, Bob has been providing innovative, results-based, interactive training programs to support his clients in equipping and motivating their leaders, their sales forces, and their various teams to profitably grow and personally and professionally succeed.

  • Legacy of Leadership: Idea-rich strategies for 'serious' leaders
  • Running TOO Fast: Idea-rich strategies to regain your life
  • Why Didn’t I ‘THINK’ of That?The creative power of Ideas at Work!
  • Make ME Feel Special! Idea-rich customer service strategies l.
  • Unleash Your Business (Sales) Potential - How to Out-think, Out-perform, and Out-market your competition! Out-sell them too!
  • Speaking for Success!Idea-rich strategies to maximize your message and power up your presentation
  • Secret Selling Tips: Secrets Top Selling Professionals Use to Work Smarter, Make More Money, and Have More Fun. Equip and motivate your leaders and their sales teams to make more money and win in the selling game!
  • Thinking Beyond the FIRST Sale! - Imagine having all the clients you want, triple digit profit increases every year and customers who sing your praises on a consistent basis. This dream can become a reality!

Follow the above links to my main speaking and training site for more details...

Pic: Bob speaking to 3500 Grade 3 to Grade 7 students

Location: Greater Edmonton Region, Alberta

Reputation: International

"I still get comments from people about your presentation. Only a few speakers have left an impression that lasts that long. You hit a spot with the tourism people." Janet Bell, Yukon Economic Forums

Protect your conference investment - leverage your training dollars.

Enhance your professional career and sell more products and services.

Equip and motivate your leaders and their teams to grow and succeed, 'even' in tough times!

"...he is always on! Bob has the ability to grab his audience’s attention and keep it! ...if Bob is involved - your motivational program, employee or corporate training seminar is guaranteed to succeed!"

Maurice Lavigne, London Drugs Coordinator for Training and Development

"Dear Mr. Hooey: Thank you for elevating my Sales Team's knowledge during your sales management seminar in Tehran. I look forward to meeting you in person during your future seminars. Warm regards." Mendi Ghaemi. Managing Director, Bidar Group

"If you want your employees, sales team, or leadership motivated and equipped to succeed, you need to engage Bob now, before your competition does!"

"I have found Bob's attention to detail and his ability to fine tune his seminars to match the time frame and needs of the audience to be a valuable asset to our educational program." Patsy Schell, Executive Director Surrey Chamber of Commerce

I'd love to come visit your part of the world and share a few ideas with you and your organization. Call me to see if we can make that happen.

Bob's new Legacy of Leadership - Business leaders development series (Click on book to view) (a division of Creativity Corner Inc.) Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey (780) 736-0009

Bob will travel the world to serve you and your team. Contact Canadian motivational, business and association keynote conference speaker, sales success, and inspirational corporate trainer, Bob ‘Idea Man’ Hooey today, for your next sales, employee or leadership motivational event or to coach your executive or sales teams.

Whether your next event is in Vancouver, Kelowna, Victoria, BC, Edmonton, Calgary, Alberta, Regina or Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia, Las Vegas, Seattle, Phoenix, Arizona, Honolulu, Hawaii or other locations across North America and the globe, call to engage Canadian Success coach and professional nudge, Bob 'Idea Man' hooey and his innovative ideas for your event. When he says, Have mouth will travel, he really means business.
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