Protect your conference keynote speaker investment – leverage your corporate sales, leadership, teamwork, productivity, management training. Engage motivational leadership, business, sales and association keynote conference speaker, Bob ‘Idea Man’ Hooey. Bob is an inspirational business author, leadership coach and trainer who has earned international recognition for his professionalism in public speaking.
This Site is 100% - Full of Hooey!!!
Inspirational Quotes:

Everything Bob does is "Full of Hooey!"

To quote Bob directly, "I am proud that I throw everything I have into my various business ventures, speaking and training engagments, community outlets and client focused activities:

  • My speaking and training programs are amazingly, Full of Hooey.
  • My writing (10 books, plus mini-book series, e-books, articles) is Full of Hooey, too!
  • My executive coaching and consulting sessions with leaders, including some from Canada's 50 Best Managed Companies, are definitely Full of Hooey.
  • My involvements in professional and community based organizations (like CAPS, NSA, or Toastmasters) are Full of Hooey, too!"

Bob just can't help it! Everything he does is Full of Hooey! The name 'hooey' has not always had a great meaning... in fact it was often used as a slang put down... e.g. 'full of hooey' was not always a nice thing to say about someone.

NOW - it means full of fun, full of results, full of excitment, full of adventure, and full of value for your team or event.

Call today and bring Bob's refreshing, humourous, viewpoint and innovative ideas to help you equip and motivate your team to grow and achieve greater success. 1-888-848-8407 (Client Toll Free - USA and Canada)



Engage Bob and his engaging, innovative ideas for your next executive retreat, training program or conference.

He will ensure it is "Full of Hooey" and given full value for your team and audience.

Call today, before your competition does...J


Who would have thought Bob ‘Idea Man’ Hooey would end up this way? Engage motivational leadership, business, sales and association keynote conference speaker. Bob is an inspirational business author, leadership coach and trainer who has earned international recognition for his professionalism in public speaking.

Full of Hooey!

"Looking back, I realize I was very much 'Full of Hooey' at a very young age.

Here I am at 6 months... all "Full of Hooey" (Robert David Hooey) that is... J the object of affection and amazement of my mother (Marge) and father (Ron), both Hooey's themselves J!"

Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey


I think they meant visualize the audience naked when you are speaking - not the speaker! J

Interesting perspective though!

If you had Googled 'Hooey" in 1998, you wouldn't have found very much. By early 1999, the web was 'Full of Hooey' following the introduction of our first website

Our primary, content rich website (Idea Man) has grown exponentially since then. It is frequently visited by thousands of leading edge professionals, leaders and selling pros who read our articles, download our resources, order our books and publications, download our meeting planner tips and checklists, check out our coaching and consulting services; and, of course, check out Bob's innovative and motivational programs as potential additions for a sales meeting, conference keynote, or breakout team.

We have had the amazing privilege of having quite a few of our clients find us through this or one of our other web sites. For example: (June 2005), Bob concluded an agreement to keynote for a national Canadian tire company at their upcoming event in Cancun in February (2006). The client had Bob's attention from, 'would you consider coming to share a few ideas with us in Cancun next February... J) And the list goes on...

Now, you'll find many web-based references to 'Hooey', many of them are ours! J Bob is proud of what he has been able to bring to the web, his audiences and his readers.

Everything Bob does is Full of Hooey!

Hooey is a proud name with a rich history of service, success and satisfaction for those under its protection. Engage motivational leadership, business, sales and association keynote conference speaker, Bob ‘Idea Man’ Hooey. Bob is an inspirational business author, leadership coach and trainer who has earned international recognition for his professionalism in public speaking.

The Hooey Family
Coat of Arms

Full of Hooey!

Bob has made it his life and career goal to radically change that meaning by dynamic example. His clients, colleagues, and friends would agree it has a much different and more valuable meaning in connection with his activities and the creative, profitable insight and expert value Bob brings to each involvement.

"I am proud of my name. 'Hooey' was given to me by my parents when they chose to adopt me and make me a part of the Ron Hooey family. It is a name with a rich heritage extending back to Ireland where it originally had a 'O' in front of it and meant 'the good life' or 'the godly life'! It is a name shared by many North Americans who served honorably in public and private life and who served their countries when called to do so.

I have chosen to define my own meaning for my name:

'Hooey' - "full of value, productivity, challenge, fun, laughter, creativity, thirst for learning, wisdom, integrity, demonstrated commitment and competency, giving, compassion, inspiration, affection and love."

Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey

Full of Hooey Gallery

If you'd like to find out more about how Bob can help you profitably enhance your career or dramatically move your organization and its leadership to the next level, visit (a division of Creativity Corner Inc.) or one of our related web sites. We'd invite you to call or e-mail to find out exactly how your next sales event, training program or leadership retreat can be Full of Hooey! Or, how you can make your conference Full of Hooey too.

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You'll find the web is 'Full of Hooey' and much of that will bring value to you in the various aspects of your life.

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I invite you to visit our 'full of hooey' gallery for the occasional thought or shot. Hey... we have to use some of these pictures somewhere!J

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